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Basic AR15 Rifle Course (20 hours) - $ 375

2 Day Class

This two day course is designed for shooters at the beginning skill level who desire to learn this rifle platform from the ground up. It is a good starting point for later advanced training, or as a refresher for the armed professional or police officer who desires to update their skill level and training. Team-taught by former USMC Scout-Sniper and NRA Rifle Instructor Robert Stebbins, this course will be a valuable addition to your training regimen, whether you carry this rifle for a living, or keep one on hand for personal and home defense. This Basic Course will cover, among other things, the following subject areas:

Safety considerations for rifle use
Internal, external and terminal ballistics
Ammunition types and selection in .223 and 5.56 NATO
How to obtain a rapid Battle Sight Zero (BZO)
Nomenclature, care and cleaning using authorized products
Pros and cons of commonly used optics
The basic shooting positions
Malfunction drills
Low-light shooting options
Magazine Aggregate Loading Options (MALO)
Handgun transition drills
Safety Circle with live fire drills
Safely carrying and deploying the rifle from a vehicle
Carbine or rifle: what is best for your specialized needs
150-yard shooting on B-27 silhouette target using only iron sights
Written training test and 60-round qualification course

The student will need to bring the following materials to this course:

AR-15 A1 or A2 rifle, or A4 carbine w/ sling, four magazines and 500 rounds
AR-15 rifle cleaning gear with patches, cleaning rod or snake, and C.L.P.
Suitable eye and ear protection and billed ball cap
Weather-appropriate clothing; rain gear; ground cloth or poncho
Handgun with holster, spare magazine pouch, and 100 rounds of pistol ammunition
Insect repellent and bottled drinking water
Sun screen
Jeans or rough-duty trousers such as 5.11 tactical or similar
Comfortable shirt
A positive attitude toward camaraderie and range safety

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