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(DH1) Defensive Handgun 1 - $ 330

2 Day Class

This is our most popular course, hundreds of people have completed this course and have always left with a greater knowledge, skills and ability to operate their handgun and feel confident of their skills. This course will look at shooter diagnostics and get you hitting the target at the point of aim. We cover material on handgun selection, holster selection and caliber. You will learn the fundamentals of obtaining a fighting stance, and the importance of achieving the proper grip on the handgun. You will shoot from contact distance to 100 feet successfully placing effective shoots on target. Students that have attended this course have had from no experience with handguns to experts with handguns, all have left the course gaining a new perspective of carrying a firearms for self defensive and the deployment and application of the firearm. From beginner to some basic experience with handguns. If you carry a handgun, have one in your home or are applying for a concealed carry permit. This course is a must. You will learn the legal aspects of self defense shooting, firearm safety, and much more.

This is a two day course. It will consist of class room and range time. Approximately 350 to 450 rounds of ammunition will be needed depending on the individual’s ability.

Individuals will be required to bring their own ammunition (no reloads, factory only) and serviceable handgun. Strong side holster is required. (rental handguns are available)
Topics covered:
Handgun safety / range safety
Draw stroke - dominant side carry
Situational awareness
Shooter diagnostics and performance improvement
Ready gun positions
Universal cover - scan
Pivots and turns
Malfunction clearing immediate action
Tactical and emergency reloads
Selection and use of cover
Multiple threat engagement
Physiological and psychological effects on the shooter
One hand firing techniques
Ground fighting with a handgun
Unusual firing positions

The following list of items should be brought to class. Please consider the season when making selections of clothing, bug spray, and sun block.

1.Safety glasses
2.hearing protection
3.strong side hip holster
4.brimmed hat
5.extra magazines or speed loaders
6.serviceable semi automatic pistol or revolver
7.ammunition appropriate for the handgun you will be using (factory only)
8.note pad and pen or pencil
9.cleaning kit
10.sturdy belt that will fit holster and pant loops
11.concealment garment

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