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Gary LeRoux - Master Firearms Trainer

Gary LeRoux has extensive experience in close quarter’s combat. He began his shooting career in the United States armed forces with basic weapons training. Later being assigned to support special operations in Central America, he trained in special weapons and close quarters combat with rifle, shotgun and handgun. Gary was assigned on several occasions to operate in hostile fire zones in Central America in support of the US efforts to suppress guerilla forces. Gary served in the Armed Forces for 23 years, during this time on many occasions served as a firearm instructor.
Gary served as a licensed Private Investigator for several years. He oversees security for one of the worlds largest distribution facilities.
Gary is a certified Master Firearms Instructor also NRA certified instructor, a licensed instructor for security services and private investigator. Also he is a law enforcement tactical concealed carry instructor, as well as a low light instructor. He also trains advanced concealed carry methods for carry permits for several states including Florida.

Gary continues to practice and develop handgun, carbine and shotgun techniques. He regularly attends developmental classes at nationally known academies.

Gary has competed in defensive handgun competitions. He has competed in Steel Challenge, IDPA, IPSC, Glock Challenge.

He has been training, carbine, shotgun and handgun shooters for over 20 years.

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