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I attended DH1 with Gary in May 2016. I have shot at ranges for about 11 years informally, but this was my first pistol class. The logical progression in skills which the class followed allowed us to quickly move from basic safety rules, to firearm function, draw of pistol, basic marksmanship, and eventually incorporating movement and use of cover. The courses of fire for the drills became more expansive as you are taught new skills. There were multiple targets, movement between cover and shots fired from various stances to include urban prone. Despite being nervous at first (Would I suck too much to be taught?) I had an amazing time and my confidence in my ability to place consistent hits on target (from all sorts of positions) vastly improved. I still learned some critical points I have not encountered in years of reading the gun rags and watching various training videos. Anyone will benefit from the class, but if you CCW I can not recommend the class highly enough. I now have the knowledge to use my range time and training ammo productively and not simply to punch holes in paper without an objective.

Plan to see Gary at DH2!

- Patrick from Vermont
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